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PS5 Repair – How to repair HDMI port?

PS5 Repair – Sony PlayStation 5 – 825 GB – London

The Sony PlayStation 5 rewrites the rules of what a console can do. Combining a custom CPU, GPU and lightning fast SSD storage, it’ll load up all your games almost instantly, no matter how expansive.

Gaming graphics just got a lot more realistic. The PS5 works seamlessly with 4K HDR TVs, with the ability to output Ultra HD graphics with a 120 Hz refresh rate. If you have a 4K display, you can play at up to 120 fps for incredibly smooth, precise motion.

With support for HDR content, every game, character, and scene looks vivid and alive with colour. And ray-tracing technology creates true-to-life shadows and reflections to reach a new level of realism in supported games.

Bent or broken PS5 HDMI port?

First check what Sony advise with PS5 Repair – No display – If that does not help, read our post or contact us

If the port is broken or damaged on your PlayStation 5 console, then you will need to have the port replaced. This is a professional repair, and requires removing the broken port, and installing a brand new one.

When PS5 turns on and a bright white light comes on the screen, but there is no picture (This was commonly known as the white light of death on the PS4).

The easiest way to test your PlayStation 5 HDMI port is to hook up the console to a known good television or monitor (meaning it works with other devices using HDMI outputs) while using a known good HDMI cable. In case PlayStation turns on, but there is a black screen, a “no signal” message, or shows a distorted looking screen, chances are you have a bad HDMI port or in some rarer cases a bad HDMI transmitter control IC.

Broken, bent, or missing pins inside the HDMI port itself.
A missing or crooked HDMI port.
PS5 No Display – The TV saying “no signal” or “no display detected.”
A display signal but it’s pixelated or distorted.

Can you fix PS5 HDMI by yourself?

We do not recommend inexperienced individuals attempt the HDMI port replacement nor the controller chip IC replacement, as it’s extremely easy to create further damage to the pads and/or other components.

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