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How to clean PS5? Cleaning service

We’ll show you how to clean PS5, follow the steps (If you’re not feeling right about doing it by yourself, use our PS5 cleaning service)

How to start?

Step 1
-Unplug PS5 from the mains.

Step 2
-Remove the stand screw

Step 3

Remove both faceplates – Lift the corner of the faceplate with the PS Logo to unclip it from the case. While lifting it up, slide it towards the bottom of the device. (There are no screws involved)

how to open ps5
ps5 cooling system cleaning london same day service

Step 4

Once you safely removed faceplates, use compressed air to remove all the dust. If that doesn’t work use low-powered vacuum, helpful might be microfiber cloth.

ps5 cleaning service in london same day
how to fix broken ps5

Step 5

After getting rid of all dust, place back faceplates, install stand and re-connect your PS5.

Above provided steps would only help you keep your PS5 clean, it won’t remove all the dust from the devices.
Every half year, we suggest bringing the console for PS5 full cooling system cleaning to avoid overheating.

That would help to keep your console in good state for years.

What are the symptoms of PS5 Overheating?

-Loud fan
-Overheating message
-PS5 Restarting
-Lower performance.

If any of the above listed problems has occurred in your PS5, don’t wait and book now PS5 Cleaning service.

With any PS5 HDMI replacement, we do offer PS5 dust cleaning for 50%

What Sony advice is?

Sony recommends ensuring that the air vents on the sides and back of the PS5 console have at least 10cm of free space and are not blocked or obstructed. Specifically, it advises avoiding placing your PS5 in a narrow or cramped space, and not allowing dust to build up in or around the PS5 console’s air vents.

Usually PS5 Cleaning service can be done within 2-3 hours, to avoid waiting book our service now

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