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PS5 HDMI Repair near me – Ealing

Symptoms of PS5 broken HDMI Port

When you need PS5 HDMI repair? PS5 turns on with pulses BLOD and then goes to white and there is no picture on the screen, is most likely broken HDMI.

Do visual inspection of the port, at picture below you can see the difference between good and broken PS5 HDMI Port.

Most likely, the port would not be aligned or would be chipped.


Why is PS5 HDMI Repair a popular problem?

PS5 HDMI Port is the weakest part of the console. Due to poor design, it’s very easy to force damage port. Any harder movement of the wire nor not straight connection can break the port.

Port can be also damaged with not careful removing the HDMI Cable or forcing PS5 HDMI cable in the angle.


how looks broken ps5 hdmi port

PS5 HDMI repair near me - How do we fix PS5?

At the beginning, we do full inspection of the console, to check if the console doesn’t have other problems.

After it passes inspection we continue to PS5 HDMI Replacement, we do remove broken HDMI Port, and we do install brand-new PS5 HDMI Port.

Securely soldering it on the board, we do use only BRAND-NEW PS5 HDMI Port.

best way how to fix ps5 hdmi port
PS5 HDMI Repair near me in ealing same day service

How long does PS5 HDMI repair take?

At Tommytech PS5 HDMI repair usually take a place in the same day! We do not require booking for the repair, you can just walk in with your console within opening hours. Living far away? Give us a call to book an appointment, and we’ll repair it out within 2-3 hours, to mail-in repair please contact us for instruction.

What I have to bring for PS5 Repair?

For console repair we do not accept any accessories, you have to bring only console by itself, we do have everything in our workshop to fully test console.

What we do offer with PS5 HDMI Replacement?

3 Months warranty

All our repairs comes with 3 months warranty.

Full PS5 Check-up

Before any repair, we provide a full check-up to look for other faults. If additional problems would occur, we would inform you and will prepare separate estimate for it.


If repair would be too expensive or uneconomical, we never charge for work you haven't agreed on.

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