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Where to repair broken laptop screen in Ealing?

What are the symptoms of broken laptop screen? Apart from visible physical damage to the screen, you might notice also:
  • Vertical or horizontal line on the laptop screen
  • Black screen with backlight (It might be also problem with logic board)
  • Blury or disoloured display
  • Flickering laptop screen
  • White screen of death.
In case of above listed problems with laptop broken screen, you can make sure that is problem with actual LCD, connect laptop to external display such as TV or monitor. Most of the laptops are having HDMI connection or USB-C, for that you’d have to use special adaptor. At Tommytech Ealing we do offer free of charge diagnostic and estimate.

Problems with incorrect display might come as well from:

-Broken LVDS cable
-Damage to the LCD backlight
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Broken laptop screen - what could cause it?

The display can be damaged for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, most often damage to the display is caused by the laptop user himself by:
-Dropping a heavy object on the display cover;
-Flooding the laptop with liquid and causing a short circuit.
-Dropping the laptop (e.g. while opening it).
Therefore, the screen replacement in the laptop is not covered by the warranty and must be made at your own expense (unless additional insurance has been purchased when purchasing the equipment).

How much does cost laptop broken screen replacement?

The cost of replacing the laptop screen includes the costs of the part and the service provided in the service. The cost of the display depends on the LCD model. The type of backlight (eg LED), resolution, manufacturer, coating (glossy or matte), type of inverter as well as technology and method of connection are just some of the criteria affecting the price. 
Classic laptop screens without the touch function will be cheaper, starting price is £75 and it might go up to £200. In case of gaming laptops or touch screen panels repair might cost couple hundreds pounds.
You can find similar laptop screens on the Internet at lower prices than from the website. Unfortunately, when you buy a laptop LCD online, you can replace it yourself, you can never be sure that it has not been used and has dead pixels or that it meets the specifications. Small viewing angles, very bad colour reproduction and uneven matrix illumination are also common.

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