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Just give us a call and book appointment 020 8358 6752

PS5 repair near me – West Ealing

If you’re looking to have your PS5 console repaired, that’s the best place for you, we do specialize in PS5 repair.

All repairs are carried out in our one-stop repair store in West Ealing, services such as HDMI Port replacement & cleaning service can be done in few hours. 

Repair of no power problem or Blue light of death might take a bit longer, but we might have it fixed in the same day (Depend on the problem).

If you’re local please bring your console to our premises in person, otherwise give us a call or send an e-mail to use mail-in service, we do provide PS5 repair all over the UK.
We do repair every model of PS5 (Digital edition and disc edition), if you’re struggling with other model or Xbox we also do repair them!
We do use only genuine Sony parts, all our repairs are covered with 3 months warranty!

Why PS5 BLOD problem appears?

It might have various reason why problem occurred in your console.
-Faulty power supply
-Faulty APU – Overheating is often reason of faulty GPU in PS5
-Broken HDMI Encoder, also might appear with Blue light of death.
-Short circuit on power line
If you're looking for ps5 repair in London, we're based in West ealing

Why my PS5 Overheating?

In most of the consoles overheating occurs due to load of dust inside the console which blocking airflow within the console. Every console should be fully cleaned at least once a year!
PS5 use liquid metal which after sometimes it might dry out or move aside the GPU and would lose it values.
It’s very important to keep PS5 clean to avoid expensive repairs after overheating, and to do not lose performance of the console.

Faulty Power supply

Fault of the power supply in PS5 might be caused by loads of dust/tar inside which would cause overheating nor short-circuit.
A very popular case when power supply fail is a power surge in house. We highly recommend to use extension lead with surge protector!
PS5 is very powerful console and use loads of power, some of PS5 Power supply are having manufacture faults which we cannot avoid.

Broken PS5 HDMI Encoder

Problem with HDMI Encoder might occur while your HDMI Port is broken due to 5V power line. If you’re trying to use PS5 with damaged HDMI Port, it might cause short circuit at PS5 HDMI encoder.
HDMI Encoder might fail as well if HDMI cable is broken while user try to connect it while console is switched on. As above. Overheating might also cause damage to the encoder.

Motherboard problem (Won’t switch on)

Most of the motherboard problem comes from overheating, or power surge. However, some of the PS5 mean to fail if they’re hardly used.
We cannot avoid motherboard problems, what we can only do is keep the console clean and make sure it has always been used as instruction says.
If you struggle with one of the above listed problem, it is very hard to deal with them at home. We highly recommend bringing the console in for service or diagnostic to our service in West Ealing.
You do not need to book an appointment, for PS5 Repair you can just walk in. If you’d like to speak with us therefore send us a mail or give a call.

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