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Just give us a call and book appointment 020 8358 6752

Apple MacBook Repair centre – From broken screen to no power issue

Ever found yourself staring at a cracked MacBook screen, wondering how it happened? Or perhaps, experienced the frustration of a MacBook refusing to power up at the worst possible moment? We’ve all been there. See what kind of Apple MacBook repair we do offer

By the end of this post, you’ll be able to do self diagnostics of common issues but also gain the expertise! Ready to transform from a MacBook user to a savvy troubleshooter?

Top 8 most common MacBook problems in 2023:

Apple MacBook Screen Problems:

-Cracked screen
-Flickering or distorted screen.
-Dead pixels.

Apple MacBook battery replacement:

-Rapid battery drain.
-Failure to charge.
-MacBook shutting down unexpectedly.

Apple Macbook RepairLiquid damage

MacBook no-power
Sticky keys
Problems with display

Audio & speakers problems

No sound or distorted audio.
Problem with speakers
Motherboard problem

MacBook not turning on:

Graphics card problems.
Issues with the logic board.
Stuck on the Apple logo during startup.
Continuous reboot loops.

MacBook overheating

MacBook getting excessively hot.
Frequent fan noise.
Performance slowdown due to overheating.

At Tommytech, we understand the importance of your MacBook in your every day life – made for work, and entertainment. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to fix the most advanced problems with every Apple device, ensuring it runs as smoothly as the day you first unboxed it!

Your no.1 choice for Apple MacBook repair – Tommytech

Whether you’re facing technical issues or simply want to explore the latest accessories, our team is here to assist you. At Tommytech, we’re not just fixing MacBooks; we’re building lasting relationships with our valued customers.

Alternately, if you’d prefer to choose manufacture, check what solution does Apple propose:

Click here to check Apple

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