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How to get PS5 Slim HDMI Repair

Getting your PS5 Slim HDMI port repair involves a few steps, ranging from troubleshooting at home to seeking professional repair services. Here’s the guide to resolve problems with PS5 no displaying.

On the picture, we can see badly damaged port which require PS5 Slim hdmi repair

Step 1: PS5 Slim HDMI problem diagnostics

  • Before assuming the HDMI port is damaged, it’s essential to perform some basic troubleshooting:
  • Check the HDMI Cable: Sometimes, the issue might be with the HDMI cable. Try a different HDMI cable that you know works.
  • Inspect the HDMI Port: Look for any visible damage, dust, or debris in the HDMI port. Carefully clean the port using compressed air or a soft brush.
  • Test with Another Display: Connect your PS5 Slim to a different TV or monitor. If it works, the issue might be with your original display.

Step 2: Contact Sony Support

If basic troubleshooting doesn’t solve the problem:

  • Warranty Check: If your PS5 Slim is still under warranty, contact Sony Support for guidance. Avoid opening the console yourself, as this can void the warranty. (Physical damage to the port won’t be covered by any warranty of Sony nor ours)

Step 3: Do research of the repair stores 

If your console is out of warranty, or you prefer a quicker solution:

  • Find a Reputable Repair Shop: Look for a repair service that specialise in PS5 slim HDMI repair. Check reviews and ratings to ensure their reliability.
  • Request an Estimate: Before committing to a repair, ask for a cost estimate. HDMI port repair can vary in price depending on the complexity of the issue. With our repair service we offer it for £95 (On date 02/01/2024, price may vary in the future).
    Consider the Risks: Understand that other third-party repair store much cause potential damage to the console, if you want hassle-free repair, bring your console to Tommytech.
We can see workaround the ps5 slim hdmi port repair at tommytech west ealing

Step 4: DIY: PS5 Slim HDMI Repair (Advanced)

We highly recommend bringing console to professional repair store, 90% of faults with PS5 cannot be fixed at home, if you don’t want risking damage to your console, visit our store today!


Addressing an HDMI port issue on your PS5 Slim can range from simple troubleshooting to more complex repairs. If you’re not comfortable with DIY repairs, seeking professional help is the safest route. Remember to weigh the costs and benefits of each option, keeping in mind the potential risks and warranty considerations.

At Tommytech we offer 3 months warranty for any console repair, PS5 Slim HDMI port repair can usually be done within the same day (if we’re not too busy it can be even done faster!).

With us, you can expect hustle free service. How we work?

1. Bring console to our store.

2. We’ll book you in to our system and inform about estimated time for the repair.

3. We will fix your console and inform that is ready for collection. And you then you can collect it in no time!

Don’t worry about anything, we’re using high quality parts, and we have fully qualified time for any electronics repair.

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