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Just give us a call and book appointment 020 8358 6752

Macbook Repair London | Broken Screen | Battery Replacement

It happens that even high-quality, premium hardware requires repair or diagnosis of the existing problems. The company appreciated the advantages of the Apple brand is their durability and the possibility of renewal. Your equipment gains a second life, and you enjoy using it again.

Problems with the battery, broken screen, or maybe a flooded Macbook? Visit our surveyed Apple site in London at the West Ealing Post office and find out how we can help you.

After a while, the MacBook Pro battery may stop working properly. Find out when it is best to visit a service shop to replace the battery in your computer.

MacBook battery - when should it be replaced?

The Apple Macbook uses lithium-ion batteries, which are characterized by good charge retention as well as reliability. Unfortunately, their greatest disadvantage is their limited lifespan. The manufacturer specifies it in the charging cycles. This value represents the sum of the full and partial discharge cycles during use. One cycle is enough to charge the computer from 0 to 100%.

Characteristic symptoms suggesting the need to replace the battery in the MacBook Pro:

  • Decrease in working hours
  • Overheating of the case
  • Accidentally shutting down the laptop
  • Battery won’t charge
  • Incorrect indication of the current state of charge

You can have your MacBook Pro fixed usually served within the same day, visit Tommytech West Ealing, you do not need to book appointment!

Macbook Broken screen replacement

Screen performance is basically one of the major determinants of a laptop’s fitness for use. Fortunately, the components used in the MacBook are very durable and practically do not damage themselves (excluding factory defects, as was the case, for example, in many copies of a certain series of MacBook Pro laptops).

Problems with displaying the image on the screen may appear as a consequence of failure of various components (e.g. graphics card or motherboard) – then, eliminating their cause will restore the proper operation of the display. Macbook screen replacement is necessary, however, if it is mechanically damaged – for example, if the display is cracked as a result of a MacBook fall.


Any random accident can seriously damage the MacBook screen and render the laptop unusable. If you see a cracked screen after you drop, it will need to be replaced. However, it is worth remembering that the mechanical damage to the matrix can also occur in another way – it is a very delicate part. It happens that the matrix replacement is necessary after the user presses the closed lid of the laptop too hard.

macbook broken screen repair at west ealing
macbook repair london at the same day, screen, battery etc.

The complete or partial lack of the displayed image means that there is no rescue for this component – you have to replace it with a new one. Occasionally, macbook screen replacement is also necessary after contact with Macbook liquid damage. It is worth remembering that after each flooding, the equipment should be delivered to the service center as soon as possible – this will prevent the progress of damage inside it. Also, in the case of mechanical damage to the macbook screen and the entire display, it is not worth delaying or combining on your own – professional service is the only right way to fix the fault.

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