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Just give us a call and book appointment 020 8358 6752

PS5 Repair near me

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If you’re looking for PS5 repair near me, chances are you’re not having a great day. Your PS5 is one of your most important gaming devices, and when it breaks, it can be a real pain. But don’t despair! Tommytech is here to help. We’re the leading PS5 repair shop in the country, and we’re ready to help you get your PS5 back up and running as quickly as possible.

Same day console fix - PS5 Repair near me

We know that when your PS5 breaks, you want to get it fixed fast. That’s why we offer same-day PS5 repair service in most cases. We also know that you might not be able to come to us, so we offer PS5 repair near me & mail-in. And if you need PS5 HDMI repair or PS5 HDMI replacement, we can fix it within few hours.

Top 1 rated ps5 repair near me store, we can fix problems such as hdmi port, overheating, motherboard

Most people experiencing problems with your PS5’s HDMI port, you’re not alone. Several users have reported that their PS5 consoles are having issues with the HDMI port, causing the image on the screen to flicker or go black entirely. While this problem appears to be affecting a small number of users, it can be frustrating and make it difficult to enjoy your console.

Where can I fix my PS5?

There are a few different options available for repairing or replacing your PS5’s HDMI port. One option is to send your console back to Sony for repairs. However, this can be a lengthy and expensive process. Or you can bring the console in to our shop in West Ealing, we have a quick turnaround time and offer more affordable prices than Sony. Finally, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can attempt to fix the problem yourself by following one of the many guides available online. However, we recommend leaving this option to experienced users as it can void your warranty and cause further damage to your console.

No matter what kind of ps5 repair you need, Tommytech is here to help. Give us a call today and let us help you get your ps5 back up and running in no time!

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