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Just give us a call and book appointment 020 8358 6752

Console Repair Servicing

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We fix PS4, PS5 and XBOX ONE X

If you don't know what the problem you have with your Console, you can bring to our store for diagnostics
Most of the console repair can be done in same day.

The most common PS4 problems:

  • PS4 drive ejects discs.
  • It is impossible to put a disc into the drive, reacting to the reaction to discs.
  • The PS4 console is dead. No power. Brake on the switch.
  • Unable to pair DualShock 4 pads or does not work wirelessly.
  • PS4 does not read Blu-ray, DVD
  • After a fall, the PS4 console does not start.
  • No picture on TV. Despite the hardware of the HDMI cable, the hardware is not displayed on the TV.
  • The image is an image with graphics errors.
  • Mechanical HDMI socket on PS4. Visible recesses in the HDMI port or their pinning.
  • The TV shows strange squares, rectangles or a “snow” image.
  • The console turned off moments after. The blue LED lights up for a moment.
  • There is no picture on the TV. The console works, the white LEDs (WLoD) are on continuously.
    The blue LED is flashing. Blue Light of Death (BLoD) or “blue line of death”.
  • You only hear the sound, the console doesn’t show the picture on the TV
  • The console freezes or shuts down.
  • PlayStation 4 very loud, fan at high speed.
  • The console shows with the current fault. WC-40330-0, WS-37397-9, CE-38612-0, NP-37637-6, CE-34788-0, NW-31473-8, NW-31456-9, WS-37432-9, CE- 36329-3, CE33984-7

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