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PS5 HDMI Port Repair (PS5 Slim)

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If your PS5’s HDMI port has suffered damage due to impacts or cable mishaps, our service can provide the solution.

Such damage typically results in no signal to your TV, a distorted image, or inconsistent video output, indicating the need for an HDMI port replacement. Fortunately, we’re equipped to handle this repair.

HDMI port issues are prevalent across gaming consoles, particularly with the PS5. Our repair process involves advanced micro soldering techniques, utilizing digital microscopes, thermal imaging, and precision temperature-controlled tools. We meticulously remove the damaged HDMI port and install a new, genuine PlayStation 5 HDMI port, enhancing the durability and connection quality beyond its original state.

We accommodate both mail-in and in-person drop-offs at our one-stop 187 Uxbridge road, W13 9AJ, London (Inside the post office), location for on-site repairs, promising same-day or next-day service to get your PS5 back in action swiftly.

Please note: If you require same-day service, please purchase this service or give us a call on 020 8358 6752, alternatively send an email: If you’re using mail-in service, use ONLY TRACKING MAIL SERVICE!

The HDMI port on the PlayStation 5 is widely recognized as a vulnerability due to its flawed design, making it susceptible to damage from minimal force. Even slight bumps or falls can lead to the breaking of the PS5’s HDMI port. Damage can also occur from roughly disconnecting the HDMI cable or inserting it improperly at an incorrect angle.

Furthermore, a common reason for the malfunction of the PS5 HDMI port is failing to detach the cable before relocating the console. It’s essential to disconnect all cables prior to moving the PS5 (or any electronic device) to prevent damage. During transport, if the cable experiences unintended pressure, it could harm the HDMI port. This is especially true if the console suffers impacts or falls while the HDMI cable remains connected, often necessitating repairs to the port.

At TommyTech, we provide same-day repair services for PS5 HDMI ports, usually finishing the job in 2-3 hours. For repairs sent to us by mail, we dispatch them back on the same day we receive them, if they’re by 3PM.

We provide a 3-month warranty on all PS5 repair services, specifically covering the initial issue for which the console was brought in for repair. This warranty ensures that if the same problem reoccurs within this period, it will be addressed under the warranty terms, emphasizing our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our location is in West Ealing, at 187 Uxbridge Road, W13 9AJ, situated inside the Post Office.

The PS5 HDMI Port Repair service offers a comprehensive solution for PlayStation 5 users facing issues with their console’s HDMI output. This service is designed to tackle a range of problems, from physical damage to the HDMI port itself, such as bent pins or cracks, to internal connection issues that lead to signal loss, intermittent video output, or compromised image quality.

Upon opting for this service, customers can expect a detailed diagnostic process to accurately identify the problem with the HDMI port. The repair involves the precise desoldering of the faulty port and the installation of a brand-new, high-quality HDMI port, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality.

The PS5 HDMI Port Repair service aims to restore the console to its full operational state, providing users with uninterrupted, high-definition gaming and entertainment experiences.


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